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Nginx 0.8 Stable Source Installation document collection

29 9月
Eureka~ Nginx has published the stable version of 0.8. Since the auto update method of ubuntu is not available so soon I decided to install it via source. Download from here: Everything introduced official about how to install it could be found here: And how to configure it could be found here: When you are going to compile the source you may want to read this first: (Notice that if you are using a ubuntu or debian server like me, you should install libssl-dev first to enable the ssl module and PCRE for the rewrite mod,which may need to be pointed the PCRE lib path manually if you have installed but not discovered by the compile program.) Then you shall have a look at: It gives you an idea how to make the /etc/init.d/nginx file to start or stop your nginx server. You may have to change the Consts part of the file especially for the DAEMON and PID variable configuring well to make sure your nginx could be start and stop functionally. Oh, and if you want to compile other 3rd part module, you will find them here: Well, here's the EOF then. Have a nice trip with your new powerful Nginx server. LOL